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Microsoft Excel


This course is for experienced users of Excel who wish to explore some of the more specialist formula, list and formatting tools Excel has to offer.


Formulas and Functions

Revision of the If function

Nested Ifs

Using the And & Or functions

Naming ranges for use in formulas

Retrieving data using vLookup


Advanced Formatting

Creating new cell styles

Conditional formatting



Revision of sort & AutoFilter

Advanced filtering


Pivot Tables

Creating & manipulating a pivot table

Refreshing a pivot table

Formatting a pivot table


Data Validation

Controlling data input & drop-down lists

Creating data input alerts & prompts

Checking validity of existing data

Circling invalid data

Clearing data validation

Protecting worksheets & workbooks


Data Tools

Grouping & outlining


Data consolidation



Recording a macro

Running a macro

Assigning the macro to a button

Editing a macro

Deleting a macro (& the button)

Previous knowledge of Excel is essential including the ability to construct formulas and basic functions.



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