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Microsoft Excel


This course is for existing users of Excel who wish to improve competence working with calculations, large spreadsheets and lists.


Formulas and Functions

Revision of basic formulas & AutoSum

Creating statistical functions

Using absolute & mixed cell addresses

Using the Insert Function button

Testing data using the If function

Calculating percentages

Using the NEW Quick Analysis tool


Multiple Worksheets

Inserting & deleting worksheets

Colour-coding worksheet tabs

Moving and copying worksheets

Grouping worksheets for formatting and printing

Linking cells between worksheets

Creating calculations across worksheets


Multiple Workbooks

Arranging multiple workbooks on one screen

Linking cells between workbooks

Creating calculations across workbooks



Sorting lists

Filtering lists using AutoFilter

AutoSum with lists

Formatting a list as a table


Viewing Large Worksheets

Freezing columns and rows

Splitting the screen

Hiding & unhiding columns and rows

Custom Views



Printing a selection

Setting & clearing print areas

Scaling a sheet to fit

Centring horizontally & vertically

Inserting & removing page breaks

Headers & footers revision

Repeating titles on each page


Formula Auditing

Tracing precedents and dependents

Tracing errors

Showing formulas

Using the watch window




Previous knowledge of Excel is required including the ability to construct basic formulas.



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