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Microsoft Access

Design basics

This course is for new and existing users of Access who wish to acquire the basic skills required to design a relational database.  It includes entering and extracting data using forms, queries and reports.


What is a database?

Database terminology

Opening & closing an existing database

Database objects & views


Table Design

Design considerations

Defining field names

Establishing data types

Setting a primary key

Setting field properties


Creating relationships

Creating, editing & deleting table relationships

Understanding referential integrity



Using the query wizard

Creating & saving queries

Editing & deleting queries

Running a query

Sorting a query



Using form wizards

Creating a form without a wizard

Saving a form

Forms sections

Adding form controls

Editing control properties

Editing form properties



Using report wizards

Creating a report without a wizard

Saving a report

Report sections

Adding & modifying report controls

Sorting & grouping report data

Adding statistical fields


No previous knowledge of Access is required however delegates should be able to use a computer.



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