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Microsoft Office training courses in London
computer training in London



Course Timings

Training sessions run from 9.30 to 16.30 with breaks for coffee and lunch.  Half day sessions run from either 9.30 to 12.30 or 1.30 to 16.30.  These timings can be modified to meet your needs.


Course Manuals

We will provide notes to support the training in PDF format for distribution to the delegates before the session.  For some courses we provide published books.

Equipment & software

If you are unable to provide a suitable training room and/or PCs with the appropriate software get in touch so we can help provide you with what you need.


Here at Primera Training we pride ourselves on our flexible approach in delivering a training format that meets your needs.  We aim to ensure your training objectives are fully met.  Whether you choose a standard or bespoke course, from your first contact with us, we will work closely with you to help identify your training requirements in line with the needs and abilities of the delegates.


Our IT courses can be run using one, or a mixture of, the formats below.  We also offer Personal Development Courses which include Time Management, Mindfulness, Mental Health First Aid, Train The Trainer, Time Management & Communication Skills.


Standard Courses

Our standard courses range from Introduction to Advanced and include the most commonly used product features at that level.  Introduction courses are ideal for novices and those who have used a product for a while but are self-taught and want to fill gaps, pick up shortcuts and make sure they are doing things "properly"! Intermediate courses are perfect for those more confident users who feel they are not perhaps using the products to their best advantage and want to learn more about what can be done.  Advanced courses are aimed at experienced and confident users who want to explore the more specialist tools the products offer.


Tailored Courses

It is quite common for customers to pick and choose sections from, for example, Excel Introduction and Excel Intermediate.  Some have also mixed topics from Excel and Word.  Whilst fully flexible we also advise not to overload one days' training to try to fit in as much as possible - less is definitely more when it comes to training and allows for regular exercises throughout the day to ensure the objectives are being met.


Modular Drop In Sessions

A day of four short sessions, each one and a half hours duration, focusing on specialist topics so people can focus on that one topic they need.



Most commonly requested after a new product or version roll-out, floor-walking is an effective follow-up to  training in ensuring all users are completely comfortable with their new working environment.


Online training

This is becoming an increasingly favoured approach for organisations rolling out version upgrades as one session can be delivered to as many as 25 people whilst sat at their desks in different locations, in one go.  It is also ideal for smaller groups where training is only required for one or two topics; and delegates still get the chance to practice and complete exercises themselves!


Post Course Support

Upon attending one of our IT coures, you will be entitled to three months FREE support after the course to help with any queries you have when implementing your newly acquired skills when back at your desk.