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Microsoft Access

Working with data

This course is for new and existing users of Access who wish to acquire the skills required to enter and extract data using forms, queries and reports.


What is a database?

Database terminology

Working with the Ribbon, Tabs and Groups

Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Status Bar, zoom & views


Opening & closing an existing database

Navigating between database objects


Working with datasheets

Insert, editing & deleting records


Field & record navigation

Finding & replacing text

Searching for records

Creating & clearing filters

Criteria expressions in filters

Saving a filter as a query


Formatting & printing datasheets

Font formatting

Changing column width row height

Hiding & unhiding columns

Freezing & unfreezing columns

Previewing & printing datasheets



Using the query wizard for a simple query

Creating & saving queries

Editing & deleting queries

Running a query

Criteria expressions

Sorting a query

Hiding a query field

Joining tables

Adding calculations to queries



Using form wizards

Creating a form without a wizard

Saving a form

Form sections

Adding form controls

Editing control & form properties

Using the toolbox

Building calculations in forms

Multi-table forms



Using AutoReport & report wizards

Creating a report without a wizard

Saving a report

Report sections

Adding & modifying report controls

Sorting & grouping report data

Adding statistical & calculations fields

Previewing & printing a report


No previous knowledge of Access is required however delegates should be able to use a computer.



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