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Microsoft Excel

Formulas and functions

This course is for users of Excel who wish to gain a wider understanding of how formulas and functions can be used in their everyday tasks.


Revision of the Basics

Creating a basic formula

Understanding calculation order


Time Savers

Copying formulas

Working out percentages

Absolute & mixed cell addressing


Quick Functions


Average, Max, Min & Count Numbers


NEW Quick Analysis tool


Statistical And Logical Functions

Counta & Countblanks

Testing cell contents using the If function

Sumif & Countif


Formula Auditing

Tracing errors

Tracing precedents & dependents

Showing formulas

Evaluating formulas


Date & Time Functions

Custom formats for dates & times

Today, Now

Year, Month, Week, Day, Weekday, Days

Hour & Minute

Calculating dates


Text Functions

Text to columns tool

Left, Right & Mid


Upper, Lower & Proper

Trim & Find

Previous knowledge of Excel is essential.



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