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Microsoft PowerPoint


This course is for existing users of PowerPoint who wish to produce professional looking presentations effectively and efficiently using PowerPoint’s advanced tools.


Creating a presentation template

Editing existing slide masters

Creating & renaming a master layout

Deleting masters

Creating a background

Creating a custom theme

Headers & footers

Saving as a template

Opening & modifying the template

Creating new presentations using the template


Creating presentations

Creating A New Presentation From Existing Slides

Copying Slides From One Presentation To Another

Inserting Slides From Other Files

Creating table and chart slides



Producing & modifying SmartArt lists

Creating & modifying a SmartArt hierarchy chart



Inserting & editing pictures/photos

Producing screenshots


Drawing Tools

Drawing shapes

Resizing shapes

Arranging shapes

Changing shapes & edit points

Shape styles

Adding text to shapes

WordArt styles

Moving shapes

Using grids and guides



Adding & editing slide transitions

Adding & editing custom animation

Re-ordering animation

The animation painter

Motion path animation


Slide show techniques

Hyperlinks & action buttons

Adding speaker notes

Creating a custom show

Hiding slides

Rehearsing & recording slide show timings

Saving a presentation as a PowerPoint show

Printing notes pages & handouts


Previous knowledge of PowerPoint is required.



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