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Microsoft PowerPoint


This course is for new and existing users of PowerPoint who wish to acquire the basic skills required to create, edit, format and print presentations effectively.


The PowerPoint Screen

Working with the Ribbon, Tabs and Groups

Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar

Using the Status Bar, zoom & views



Creating presentations

Creating new presentations

Inserting and deleting text

Selecting text and placeholders

Opening, saving and closing presentations


Editing presentations

Undo and redo

Moving and copying text (& the Clipboard)

Proofing tools


Slide management

Inserting new slides

Changing slide layout

Deleting slides

Moving slides

Duplicating slides

Navigating slides


Content Layouts

Working with bulleted lists

Using SmartArt

Producing tables

Producing charts



Font formatting

Format Painter

Change Case

Alignment & spacing

Bulleted lists

Applying a design theme &/or background


Working with slide masters

Editing the slide master fonts

Including a logo in the master

Setting bullets in the master

Resetting a slide to match the master settings



Working with shapes & pictures



Managing slide transitions

Adding, modifying & removing object/text animations


Presentation output

Running a slide show

Print preview

Printing and print settings


No previous knowledge of PowerPoint is required however delegates should be able to use a computer.



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