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Microsoft Visio


This course is for existing users of Visio who wish to customize the product to improve efficiency.


Customizing the Visio screen

Adding commands to the ribbon & Quick Access toolbar

Adding new groups to the ribbon

Visio options


Custom stencils

Creating, saving & closing a new stencil

Opening & editing a custom stencil

Adding shapes to a custom stencil

Modifying shapes in the custom stencil

Deleting shapes from the stencil


Creating custom shapes

Drawing custom shapes

Selecting multiple shapes

Using union, trim, join, intersect, fragment & combine

Formatting a custom shape

Adding a custom shape to a stencil


Drawing layout

Using the ruler, grid and guides

Auto align & space

Alignment & spacing shape options

Working with visual aids

Re-layout the page

Using the size & position task pane

Shape protection


Background pages

Creating a custom background page

Assigning the background page to a drawing page

Modifying & deleting a custom background page


Creating a template

Working with themes

Creating & saving a template (with stencils)

Creating a new drawing using the template

Editing & deleting the template


Shape Data

Adding shape data to a shape

Editing a shape masters shape data

Using the shape data window

Creating & applying shape data sets



Creating drawing layers

Assigning shapes to layers

Assigning master shapes to layers

Layers in background pages

Previous knowledge of Visio is essential.



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