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Microsoft Word


This course is for existing users of Word who are comfortable with basic document editing and formatting and who would like to produce professional looking documents effectively and efficiently.



Creating a table

Adding rows at the end of a table

Changing row height & column width

Inserting & deleting rows and columns

Sorting table data

Changing text alignment & direction

Adding table values using formulas

Merging & splitting cells

Table styles

Borders & shading

Deleting a table



Creating snaking columns

Formatting columns

Inserting column breaks



Basic bullets & numbering revision

Working with multilevel lists

An introduction to SmartArt



Apply & modify existing styles

Navigation pane

Delete styles

New Design tab


Page Layout

Inserting & deleting a watermark

Inserting & deleting page breaks

Inserting blank pages & cover pages

Different first page headers & footers


Mail Merge

Starting A Mail Merge

Creating a Data Source

Printing a Merged Document

Sorting and Filtering Recipients

Merging Mailing Labels


Time Savers


AutoFormat as you type

Quick Parts & AutoText


Previous knowledge of Word is required, albeit at a basic level.  Please refer to the introduction course outline for an idea of the skills you need to have before attending this course.



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